Customer Mini Gallery


 One of our Guatemalan customers, Dulce Arias, shows off his green Mini at his sisters wedding alongside another friend's Mini. We really do ship parts Worldwide!





Sean Boysen MiniFourteen year old Sean Boysen from Michigan USA with his classic Mini. Sean's father Marty has a number of British classics he is restoring which can be seen in the MG and Morris Minor galleries.



David Kyrwood is a keen member of the Sutton Coldfield Mini Club and shows us his Mini fully decked out for the Jubilee in 2012



Michael Jamaica    

Michael from Jamaica is the proud owner of an Austin Mini 1975. Here it is in front of one of the last two remaining Lighthouses built by the British here on the island of Jamaica. It is a Mini-Cooper-lookalike with an Innocenti Grille. Local people nicknamed his Mini Speedie Gonzalis. This was in honour of a Speedy Gonzalez, a little Mexican cartoon mouse,who was always busy running and being chased. Michael's Mini is an everyday roadster hence labelled Speedy G. The Mini is sporting a 1275 cc STD Metro engine.