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Dan Lewis Frogeye 1Dan Lewis Frogeye 2Dan Lewis Frogeye 3Dan Lewis Frogeye 4Dan Lewis has the perfect weather in Southern California to drive his gorgeous Frogeye Sprite.

Dan is the third owner of this 1959 Sprite that still had the original 948cc engine and smoothcase transmission when he purchased it. Its first owner drove it for three years and then put it in storage for 30 years, so it has only 45,000 miles original miles on it, no rust or body damage.

In the one year that Dan has had the car, he had concentrated on improving its driveability, replacing the front drums with discs, the 4.22 rear end with a 3.90, installing an alternator, and replacing all the rubber parts. Dan also installed new JBW Minilites, a new steering wheel, and a new wooden dash.  A recent update from Dan informs us that the car now has a 1275cc engine with a stage 2 street cam and a ribcase transmission.  Future plans include fitting either a 40 or 45 DCOE side-draft carburettor.