Help / FAQ

Some part descriptions include a surcharge, what is this for?
Some parts, especially older and rarer ones are only sold as what is known in the motor trade as Reconditioned or Exchange Units, examples include instruments and gauges, starter and windscreen motors, distributors, carburettors, water pumps, camshafts, differential gears, steering racks and many other things. These are second hand parts which have been professionally reconditioned returning them to an almost like new status. The surcharge included in the price of the part is a deposit which is refundable upon exchange of your old part for reconditioning, subject to it being returned within 6 months and being suitable for reconditioning. Reasons for it not being suitable include excessive wear, parts missing or damage.
Some parts are described as O.E., what does that mean?
O.E. or Original Equipment parts are parts manufactured by the original supplier of the parts to the vehicle manufacturer or manufactured using the original manufacturing tools. Some of the parts we sell are reproduction parts, manufactured to the same high quality as O.E. parts, but not manufactured by the original supplier or using the original parts tools.
Parts are described as Left Hand or Right Hand
Where parts are described as Right Hand or Left Hand, this is based on standing behind the vehicle looking forward. We use Left Hand and Right Hand rather than Passenger/Driver or Nearside/Offside because generally 'handed' parts only fit one side of the vehicle irrespective of whether it is Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive. For Right Hand Drive cars, a Right Hand part would be fitted to the Drivers or Offside side, whereas for Left Hand Drive cars it would be fitted to the Passenger or Nearside side..
Special Offers
Special offers are only valid for a specified period and are not transferable or redeemable after that time or to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The offer codes can only be used once and are only valid for retail customers only. The current offer issued in November 2011 is valid until 31st January 2012.